Who can play?

Friends – Instead of ordinary movie or pub night try something new and challenging. You will definetly learn something new about your friends in pressure situation by spending 75 minutes in a cool and and extraordinary enviroment. It is also possible to organise a birthday party at our premises.

Couples – You are tired of cinemas and pool and want to try something new with your loved one? Have you ever thought about how does you partner act in pressure situations? Come and try our escaperoom and get to know yourself and your partner better.

Families – You are bored of walking in parks and long shopping sundays with your family? Come and try something new and have fun by solving mind blowing riddles and puzzles.

Companies – You are tired of sitting in the office and you need to refresh you mind? EscapeTartu offers different possibilities to the companies for organising company events (conferences, seminars, team buildings etc).  You can find more information from here.

Tourists – Escaperoom games are meant for everybody and language barrier is not an issue. We will offer tourists unforgettable impression from Tartu and the will have a mind blowing experience.

Children – Is your child always sitting behind computer in facebook or playing computer games? Do you want him/her to spend more time outside with his/her friends? Escaperoom is a perfect way to promote it.